How has COVID-19 Affected the Real Estate Market?

The novel coronavirus and measures taken to contain its spread have rocked the U.S. economy in a manner that is, in some ways, unprecedented. The real estate market has not been spared: in many areas, lockdowns have shuttered businesses, driving up vacancies; asking prices have dropped; property viewings in locales with shelter-in-place orders have been put on indefinite hiatus. However, there is a silver lining for those looking to conduct a 1031 property exchange: it’s a buyer’s market. (Thinking of conducting your first 1031 exchange? Read our recent article on the five things you should know.)

“But wait,” you may be saying to yourself, “to complete a 1031 exchange, I have to sell my current property too!”

This is true, but you don’t need to wait until you’ve sold your existing property to make a desirable — and perhaps well timed— purchase in the down market. 

1031 Reverse Exchange — Your Best Option if You Can’t Sell First

The most common 1031 exchange structure is the forward exchange: you sell your relinquished property, then buy the replacement property afterward.

But for those needing additional flexibility, a 1031 reverse exchange enables you to buy a new property first and sell yours later (within 180 days). This is done utilizing a “parking arrangement” whereby a Qualified Intermediary (QI), such as JTC Americas, holds the replacement property until the relinquished property can be sold.

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A reverse exchange is more complex than a forward exchange, and not all QIs are able to facilitate them — in many cases (as with some bank-owned QIs) because they don’t wish to hold title to the new property, and in other cases because they simply don’t know how to navigate the IRS’s “safe harbor” guidance. This is one reason it can pay to select a QI carefully.

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What can we help you exchange?

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