Over 600 people attended the EB-5 Investors Conference in Las Vegas this past weekend. The event proved extremely informational, with many of the industry’s leading experts presenting on various hot topics. I particularly enjoyed hearing Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO-2) speak about the commitment he has to keeping the EB-5 program running.

Talking to attendees during the Conference reminded me of the value that NES Financial’s Intelligent EB-5 Solutions provide. I spoke with a couple of people who had at one point in time evaluated our solutions but then decided to try and handle the EB-5 administration on their own. One of these people said that they ended up having a couple of hiccups along the way. I reminded him that NES Financial has worked on over 400 EB-5 projects, so in addition to the benefits provided by the Intelligent Solutions, our customers also have the benefit of our unparalleled expertise. He then reiterated something that we ourselves often say: EB-5 accounting is very different from traditional accounting and is turning his internal accounting department upside down to try to accommodate the complex requirements of EB-5.

Another person I spoke with said that they also decided to go about the fund administration aspect on their own but soon realized they had too many investors to try and manage on their own. After hearing positive things about our EB-5 Fund Administration Solution in particular, he was very interested in how it could help his Regional Center streamline this process so they can focus on their project.

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