A H-1B Visa puts restrictions on your career path and limits your spouse’s ability to work. Moreover, with changing immigration policies, your eligibility to stay is at risk. Fortunately, there’s an alternative: the EB-5 Program.

By obtaining permanent residency through the EB-5 program, you can put your H-1B concerns behind you. By viewing this webinar recording, featuring experts in the EB-5 industry, you’ll learn how you can Stay Permanently and Work Anywhere.

Topics Discussed:

  • Problems facing H-1B and EB-2/3 today
  • EB-5 as a way to gain permanent residency
  • Advantages of EB-5 over H-1B
  • EB-5 requirements and procedure
  • Due diligence and making the right decisions for your family


  • Anu Nair, Klasko Immigration Law Partners
  • Jessica DeNisi, Klasko Immigration Law Partners
  • Karuna Simbeck, Klasko Immigration Law Partners
  • Nilesh Shah, CanAm Enterprises
  • Skip Stern, CanAm Investor Services
  • Reid Thomas, NES Financial

Learn How to Make the Switch and Secure Your Future in the U.S. by Viewing This Webinar.