NES Financial Customers

Hear firsthand what NES Financial customers have to say about working with us.


Arcis Capital Partners sought a fund administrator with an impeccable approach to risk and compliance, as well as a solid footprint in Asia-Pacific — and they found their match with NES Financial. Check out this quick video to learn more.


Laurie Newton, VP of Development at Mount Snow, explains how NES Financial solutions put key information at her project’s fingertips and improved marketability to investors.


Jeff Campion, Pathways CEO, talks about the importance of providing a level of credibility and security for investors in EB-5.


Mike Xenick of Invest America Capital Advisors speaks on how to stay ahead of the curve in EB-5 compliance.


Gonzalo Lopez Jordan, Managing Partner of American Regional Center Group, discusses the importance of security, transparency, and compliance in the EB-5 process.


Steve Shpilsky, Co-Founder and Managing Member of California Real Estate Regional Center, talks about how the value of EB-5 expertise outweighs a simple IT solution for EB-5 projects.


Mike Mattox, Access the USA Principal, discusses the importance of using third-party solutions to remain compliant and help minimize errors and liability in the EB-5 process.


Robert Labbe of Global Premier America Regional Center talks about how he sets his RC’s projects apart from the competition when marketing to investors overseas.


Al Rattan of Continental Regional Center discusses the ways NES Financial solutions help protect investors in his EB-5 projects.