With the recent passage of Senator Leahy’s Amendment 2 to S. 744 (the comprehensive immigration reform bill) by the Senate Judiciary Committee, many much anticipated enhancements to the EB-5 program could only be a few short months away. These enhancements would include making the Regional Center program permanent and increasing the number of available visas each year by exempting the spouses and children of applicants from the annual allotment.

If passed by the House without any additional changes, the Amendment could become a significant administrative burden on Regional Centers by requiring them to submit extremely detailed annual reports, certify their continuing compliance with United States securities laws, and submit to background checks on their principals and owners.  Violators would be met not only with the current penalties of a temporary or permanent bar from the program, but would now be subject to fines up to 5% of the capital in the project.  The changes will ideally begin to alleviate the backlog of filings currently awaiting processing by the USCIS. The availability of premium processing stems from the opportunity to obtain pre-approval of projects and the ability for the USCIS to track the progress of the projects through its accumulation of the annual reports.

NES Financial solutions are already designed to supply Regional Centers with all of the information they need to be in compliance with the new rules, in addition to the efficiency and transparency afforded to all users. As the market leader for escrow and funds administration in the EB-5 industry, we are the only company designing end-to-end solutions specifically for EB-5 and proactively evolving with its legislative landscape.

Our EB-5 Suite of Escrow Solutions provides EB-5 Regional Centers and EB-5 investors with a customizable platform designed specifically to meet all of their EB-5 escrow administration needs. When fully deployed, the suite of escrow solutions offers a comprehensive audit trail of all investment funds through the entire EB-5 investment life cycle, delivering security, transparency, and compliance to the Regional Centers, their partners, and their investors.

Use NES Financial’s end-to-end escrow solutions and be prepared for the changes resulting from immigration reform.

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