The Best Way To Fight Fraud and Abuse in EB-5

How the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act’s fund administration requirement can help combat fraud and abuse – and why an audit may not be enough. Throughout its 32-year history, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor program has attracted billions of dollars in investment and created jobs throughout the country. It has also, like many government initiatives, attracted some bad actors. Though fraud and abuse are rare, there have nevertheless been some high-profile instances. Just this year, Vermont [...]

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The 1031 Exchange 45-Day Identification Deadline: What You Need to Know

The first important task to complete once a 1031 Exchange has begun is to identify at least one replacement property within 45 days of the date the relinquished property has closed. Understanding how to identify those properties – and how many – can be critical to a successful exchange. 1031 Exchange regulations allow taxpayers to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of business or investment real estate if the proceeds are used to acquire [...]

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How Transparency is Becoming a Differentiator for ESG Funds

A new report on global ESG trends signals that US funds who lead on disclosures may find themselves ahead of the pack. With all the hype around impact investing and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, it can be tough to know how much of this attention is warranted and how much is just talk. A new report from Deloitte aims to tackle where ESG trends appear to be headed and what fund managers can [...]

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When can the 1031 Exchange Timeline be Extended? Hint: It Just Happened.

1031 exchanges enable you to reduce or defer taxes on the sale of business or investment real estate. If you want to sell one business or investment property (the “relinquished property”) and purchase a “like-kind” replacement property, structuring these two transactions as a 1031 exchange can enable you to defer capital gains tax and depreciation recapture tax. The timeline for 1031 exchanges is typically inflexible. Once you sell your relinquished property, the clock starts ticking, [...]

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Why Puerto Rico is an Attractive Destination for EB-5

Tax incentives, cost of living, and an abundance of investment opportunities are causing immigrant investors to take notice of the island. In recent years, Puerto Rico has enacted a series of business and investor-friendly initiatives to attract investment to the island. This is good news for foreign nationals who wish to obtain their green cards through the EB-5 immigrant investor program by making capital investments that create or preserve US jobs. Puerto Rico offers both [...]

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Opportunity Zone Investment in Puerto Rico: A Case Study

On an island made up of 98% QOZs, Monllor Capital Partners looks to make a big impact. We wrote recently about Puerto Rico as a destination for Opportunity Zone capital. The island offers serious advantages for investors who want to positively impact communities that need it most, and who are looking for ESG investments outside of commercial real estate. Despite this, Puerto Rico is often overlooked by fund managers and investors. Jose A. Torres is [...]

By |September 29th, 2022|Categories: Blog, Opportunity Zones|
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