In our latest Coffee Break series, we caught up with David Vieira, a father of two young boys under five and the Chief Communications Officer of JTC Group, a publicly traded company which recently acquired NES Financial. David shares his tips on suddenly working from home with young kids while running all communications for a global company with over 900 employees in 19 countries.

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First, what do you do at JTC?

As Chief Communications Officer, I am responsible for the JTC brand and all external and internal marketing. I am also closely involved with sales and business development and since we IPO’d in 2018, I have been in charge of our investor relations program.

How is WFH while SIP’d?

It’s been an incredible and slightly surreal experience! The company and my team have been amazing and the speed with which people have adapted to working safely from home has been fantastic. It’s also been great for rapid adoption of new tech and remote working practices, which I think would have taken years to embed otherwise. From a personal perspective it’s been wonderful to have more time at home with my family, but it’s also been a challenge for my wife and I as we’ve had to develop a shift pattern of working to support each other and our two young boys, as well as our many pets!

Any tips in particular for working parents suddenly having to both WFH with new tiny “co-workers?”

Our boys are 5 and 1, so when we’re home, they think it’s playtime! We’ve been good at making a specific space in the house for work and respecting each other’s schedules. When one of us is working, we don’t interrupt, and when we’re with the boys, we focus on them rather than trying to juggle unrealistically between work and parenting. We are also being kind to each other and not worrying about the state of the house, it’s only a bit mess at the end of the day.

What have you done that’s new or different while SIP’d?

I’ve had a lot more video calls and have really got into Microsoft Teams and Zoom. That has had a positive impact on my wider work as I’ve been able to replace a lot of emails to colleagues with more engaging video calls. On a personal level I’ve used exercise to help me relax and decompress. As a keen cyclist, I’ve become a big fan of the virtual cycling world of Zwift and as SIP restrictions have eased, I’ve enjoyed getting out on the road in my new JTC cycling kit!

What’s the first thing you will do when/if everyone goes back to the office?

From a personal perspective, I’d like to get a babysitter and go out for dinner with my wife, as we had to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary under SIP conditions. In terms of work, we are really keen to have a celebratory night out as a team, when we can finally all be together in bars and restaurants again. The team spirit has been great, but we’ve got at least two team member birthday parties to catch up on!

What is special about Jersey, and are there any fun facts/things we should know about Jersey?

Despite its small size, Jersey punches above its weight in terms of natural beauty and impact on the global stage for financial services. As well as some of the best coastline and beaches in the world, we also have a lot of talented people living here, which makes it a very interesting ‘village.’ Jersey is also the place that gave New Jersey its name. In recognition of his loyalty to the English Crown, Jersey’s Royalist Governor, George Carteret was gifted a large tract of land in North America known as New Jersey by King Charles II in 1663.

To learn more about Jersey or David’s awesome JTC cycling kit, which was created by the JTC team in South Africa, please email for more information.