While most of us have been SIP’d and working from home for about 60 days now, we’ve more or less settled in our “new norms.” We caught up with Patrick Platon, NES Financial’s Marketing Operations and Data Analytics Manager, to see what he’s been doing while SIP’d and what new recipe you should try making during this time.

First, what exactly do you do at NES Financial?

I ensure that NES Financial has all of the marketing tools needed to reach their customers, that all tools are integrated together, all while tracking, measuring and reporting on the financial impact marketing has on the bottom line. Basically, I’m also the guy who sends out our marketing emails, so keep clicking on them and signing up for our webinars!

Patrick Platon, how is Working From Home while SIP’d going for you?

At times SIP can be quite frustrating, everyone adapting to digital communication rather than just popping by each other’s desk has been an adjustment period for sure. To be quite honest though, I am loving everything about shelter in place. As someone who has a 3-hour commute every day, I feel like I am able to wake up and take my time in the morning before diving into the workday. Not to mention my coworkers, Gunner (my dog), Tai (my cat), and my lovely partner Jen, bring me so much joy throughout the day that it makes it tough not to go more than a few hours without a hearty laugh.

What have you made or done that normally probably wouldn’t have done while SIP’d?

Oh my gosh, I have tried so many things! I have taken up gardening, growing some Italian herbs out on my balcony. I even made just shy of 100 perogies with my partner for our parents, but more importantly ourselves. They were made using an old Ukrainian recipe, which is available below for you to try, from my partner’s grandma and were so good that I must have had 15 of them before I stopped.

How are you staying sane and focused?

Staying away from media news outlets, other than news related to my area helps me avoid the negativity around the SIP. I find that taking a 30 min. break mid-day for some meditation keeps me mindful of my breath, paired with some morning exercises, has helped me not go too crazy. It has been hard during the work week to set a clear workday since time sort of blends together, so I make a very conscious effort not to open anything work related on the weekends to ensure I have some personal time. Lastly, some quality noise cancelling headphones paired with some relaxing music allows me to keep my focus and not get too distracted.

What is the first thing you’ll do if/when we go back to the office?

Other than throw out my presumably dead desk plant, I will definitely be eager for some face to face conversations with everyone outside of my SIP group, which will be so exciting. Lastly, run across the block to get a much-needed haircut! My hair has not been this long since high school!

To learn more about what else Patrick has been cooking up while SIP’d, email marketing@nesf.com for more information!