On April 10th, Brian Su will be hosting the 4th Annual National EB-5 Investment Boot Camp in New York City. Not only will I be attending the event on behalf of NES Financial, but Reid Thomas, Executive Vice President at NES Financial, will be one of the key presenters speaking on the value of escrows in the EB-5 process.

EB-5 escrows are not required by the USCIS, but they are considered an industry best practice and are commonly used to ensure the security, transparency, and compliance of funds held.  Since EB-5 escrows are most commonly used in the United States, they are not necessarily a universally understood concept.  Reid’s presentation will highlight what you need to know about escrows in the EB-5 program and why they are so important.

Other topics of interest discussed by additional speakers include learning how to effectively utilize the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, exploring global capital market opportunities, and developing an efficient EB-5 implementation strategy, to name a few.

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