Sharing ideas is important.  Collaborating is important.  At NES Financial we have both of these characteristics baked into our cultural DNA starting in the C-suite and trickling down to every part of the organization… yes, even here in Product Marketing.  I truly believe that we do an excellent job at NES Financial freely sharing information and working together in cross-functional harmony.  Our culture is not the norm, though many organizations strive for this sort of character.

As great as it is to work at a top tier company on the fast track of success it is crucial to participate with customers, partners and even competitors for the good of the industry. To this end I spent a week in September at the SIBOS conference in Toronto. During the week, I spent upwards of 12 hours a day listening to the issues and trends facing financial technology providers and our customers.  As one would expect of the current landscape, there was a tremendous amount of discussion around regulation and impending regulation. Surprisingly enough there was a seemingly equal amount of energy spent on innovation, and not just innovation for the sake of creating, but for the good of the industry and of progress for our greatest commodity, people.

Because of the laser focus at SIBOS on key issues for financial technology I thought it would be good to use this as a springboard for my next several blog posts on these important topics. In the coming weeks I’ll explore how we as a company and as a technology vendor address a multitude of issues.

Coming Posts:

  • Cloud Technology – What is it and what’s in it for the Bank?
  • Compliance Automation – Design is a good answer for uncertain regulations
  • API, SSO, What? – Web-services technology and why it’s good for banking
  • Usability and Customer-centric Design – Remember when the Customer was king?

I started this post talking about the great corporate culture we have at NES Financial.  Part of that makeup is a passion for developing leading technology to address the macro issues facing our clients.  We want to make it efficient, easy to use and easy to understand.  So stay tuned in the coming weeks as we explore our approach to some of the most important topics affecting banks, bank customers and financial technology.

As SIBOS did for those of us who attended, I hope this blog series can act as a catalyst for the sharing of ideas and collaborative conversations — after all that’s the NES Financial way.

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