For nearly a decade, I’ve been a part of the NES Financial family. A decade. In Silicon Valley. In 2016. Yep, a decade. Why? To be totally transparent, it’s a pretty simple answer: culture. We have great people, SMART people, and we choose to attack business problems with a focus on solving them the right way. Right can mean a multitude of things. Right for our clients. Right for the market. Right for NES Financial.

Not to be too much of a business tome apologist, but right also means scalable, timely, cost effective, compliant, and automated. Indeed, our technology-enabled solutions meet the market both where it wants to be and NEEDS to be. This is what makes our culture so dynamic, rewarding, and valuable.

Our firm was founded on the idea of providing an evolved solution based on using the best thinking, experience, and technology available. We provide the right technology-enabled solutions for the benefit of our clients and the marketplaces we service. We have had the pleasure of providing these solutions to markets that have largely been serviced with old-line thinking. Bodies. Lots and lots of bodies. Don’t get me wrong — people make the business world go ’round. They are necessary. However, in the era we live in, we have the opportunity to actually do more with less, and do it better. We have the opportunity to innovate. That’s exactly what we do at NES Financial — we innovate.

This is why I’ve stayed at NES Financial for all these years. I like the idea that we are doing our best day in and day out. I like that we take the best market expertise and technology to help our clients operate in a more compliant, efficient, and accessible method. Actually, this is something I love. And it’s something that’s baked into our culture, starting with the vision of our founder and CEO, Michael Halloran.

After ten years in, I’m pleased to say the results of our culture and founder’s vision have enabled NES Financial to enter markets, quickly provide differentiated solutions, and ultimately dominate those markets. Pretty cool stuff.

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