After the introductions by Brian Su of Artisan Business Group and Thom Casebolt of EB-5 Resource Center the sessions began.

Brian Su spoke about Supercharging EB-5 Capital Raises in China & Korea. He gave an update on the Chinese Market and spoke about some of the top projects that are being marketed in China.  Most of which NES Financial is providing EB-5 escrow solutions to. He mentioned that Chinese Brokers are using propaganda to scare investors by saying that the US is going to put a cap on the amount of Visa they will issue to China. This is causing the Chinese investors to feel pressure to speed up the process.

Al Rattan of USA Continental Regional Center was a sponsor of the event and spoke about their journey for The Quest for Asian Capital.  He discussed his projects in depth as well as how they are marketed in China to investors.  He indicated that the USCIS is now asking questions like “How do we know the project is financially feasible?” and “How do we forecast the Regional Center will create jobs?”  “What is your collateral?”  USA Continental’s model is “We build and develop the Old Fashioned Way…….we Learn it”.  Their model is to purchase property for cash, they have their own skin in the game, and they share the risk with their investors.

Steve Anapoell, attorney with Greenberg Traurig spoke of Securities Issues and Due Diligence for EB-5.  He indicated that a majority of the new Request for Evidence (RFE) are looking at securities issues.  Additionally, the SEC is looking very closing for violation in securities laws.  He advises that all Regional Center and project principals take a look at the the following to make sure they are in compliance; Securities Act of 1933, Investment Company Act of 1940, Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

John Li of EB5 Supermarket discussed marketing for EB-5 investors in China.  He advised that brokers do not use Facebook or Youtube as they are not used in China.  The search engine that is used in China is Baidu and not Google.  He stressed the importance of being “culturally” friendly when marketing.  In order to do business in China you must study and understand the culture.

Finally there was a panel discussion, with Al Rattan of USA Continental as moderator.  The panel included Brian Su, John Li and special guest, Ms. Keira Rao from China.  She gave an insiders view of what it is like to be an EB-5 investor.  She described her desire to come to the US and wanted to get her quickly.  She invested in a project without really doing any due diligence and learned that the project was not going to be successful.  Luckily her full investment dollars were returned to her.  The second time around she did her research, met with the project principals, visited the site and has become much more involved.  She mentioned that there is a lot of competition out there and investors really need to do their homework.

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