NES Financial offers a series of articles written by industry experts addressing best practices and pressing issues in the EB-5 industry, such as business plan changes in EB-5 projects.

This article by Ronald Klasko of Klasko Immigration Law Partners, A Business Plan is Not a Statue: Impacts of Business Plan Changes, considers the impact of changes that occur during the course of a project.

Business plans for EB-5 projects face a certain expectation of change as processing times and quota backlogs increase. With the duration of EB-5 projects lasting longer than ever before, the changes in a business plan become more critical.

A Business Plan is Not a Statue ebook considers project business plan changes in completely different contexts, including:

  • Whether a change requires notice to investors in a project
  • Whether a change to a project affects the deference that would otherwise be given to a project exemplar approval
  • Whether a change meets the USCIS definition of “material change” as to require an investor to file a new I-526 petition with a new priority date

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