In recent weeks, EB-5 stakeholders have been focused on headlines and debates in Washington about legislative reforms and pending integrity measures.  But beyond regulatory concerns, major industry stakeholders are refocusing on the growing demands of investors worldwide.  Because when it comes to building investor confidence, EB-5 integrity matters now, more than ever before.

As the scrutiny of EB-5 projects by the Chinese and other qualified foreign investors continues to increase, a higher level of due diligence by regional centers, issuers and developers is critical to helping build relationships that ensure project success.

NES Financial has been committed to EB-5 integrity assurance since its inception in 2010.  Founded on the core principles of 3rd party administrative best practices, NES Financial was the first to introduce a fully integrated suite of technology-enabled solutions for EB-5 administration.

From the beginning, NES Financial has recognized the critical importance of awarding recognition to projects that employed Intelligent EB-5 Solutions that reduced risk to investors while providing regulators with verifiable third-party oversight.

The Impetus Behind the Platinum Medallion Project Program

Global recognition of EB-5 projects that adheres to rigorous third-party scrutiny is what sets them apart to investors. The Platinum Medallion Award Program gives EB-5 issuers a platform for promoting the benefits of their projects to investors here and overseas. The Program not only recognizes issuers who uphold industry best practices but also provides opportunities for greater visibility through targeted media and marketing initiatives in the U.S., China and other major markets.

Platinum Medallion Project Programs enable partners to gain recognition through participation in select industry events, press coverage in leading industry publications, as well as project exposure on the NES Financial Website and social media networks.

By implementing the full EB-5 Solutions Suite, projects awarded Platinum Medallion Project status demonstrate to investors that they are committed to providing the highest levels of security, transparency, and compliance.  As competition expands and the EB-5 program matures, best practices and integrity measures matters at every stage of the project lifecycle. The Platinum Medallion is the only mark universally recognized by investors around the globe.

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