On Wednesday, February 3rd, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced tentative new information regarding the EB-5 processing backlog at their EB-5 stakeholder engagement teleconference.

Nicholas Colucci, Chief of the USCIS Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO), announced that since the September and December filing “bubbles,” the USCIS now has a backlog of:

  • 21,790 pending I-526 petitions
  • 4,314 pending I-829 petitions
  • 902 pending I-924 petitions

This represents a dramatic increase in the already substantial processing backlogs for EB-5 petitions, especially with form I-526.

I-526 pending I-829 pending
February 2016 21,790 4,314
September 2015 17,367 4,049
June 2015 13,129 4,007
March 2015 13,731 3,524
December 2015 13,569 3,080

During the engagement, the USCIS representatives outlined plans to improve processing efficiency and reduce the backlog.

However, until they are able to reduce the EB-5 backlog significantly, processing times are unlikely to decrease.

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