An independent report commissioned by the EB-5 Coalition estimates that the EB-5 program creates over 30,000 jobs per year[1]. The rapid growth of the EB-5 program has prompted increased public attention to EB-5. However, misconceptions about the EB-5 program can damage its reputation and undermine its positive impacts.

At its core, EB-5 is a job creation program, and a highly successful one at that. On an annual basis, the industry is contributing more than $1.6 billion in foreign direct investment and contributing over $2.5 billion to GDP.[2] The EB-5 program creates these jobs at no cost to the U.S. taxpayer.

In contrast, each job created or preserved under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was estimated to cost taxpayers between $185,000 and $278,000.[3] Critics of EB-5 often fail to recognize the successes of the EB-5 program; in reality, its benefits far outweigh its flaws.

In a series of recent blogs, we explored common EB-5 myths to reveal the facts about the EB-5 program:

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