NES Financial announced today that its EB-5 Escrow Administration Solution has been selected by EB5 GROUP for their latest project, Medical Campus One in North Carolina.

EB5 GROUP is comprised of a team of experienced developers who have successful track records using EB-5 capital on large commercial real estate projects. Their current project, Medical Campus One, is a 370,000 square foot medical campus in North Carolina that includes EB-5 funds as a key part of the capital stack.

The EB-5 visa program, created in 1990, encourages investment into projects that stimulate U.S. job growth, while providing an opportunity for foreign nationals to become lawful permanent residents. An applicant’s investment is typically held in an EB-5 escrow account prior to investment in the New Commercial Enterprise, which then uses the funds to create jobs.

“We wanted to work with a company for our EB-5 escrow that would provide investors with confidence,” said Robert Hobbs, a leading EB-5 Finance Consultant for EB5 GROUP. “We chose NES Financial because they have the strongest reputation both domestically and internationally when it comes to providing security and transparency for investors.”

NES Financial’s suite of EB-5 solutions was built to cover the entire EB-5 life cycle, from start to finish. EB-5 Intelligent Escrow, EB-5 Fund Administration, and EB-5 Immigration Workflow track and manage the flow of funds and immigration documents with the highest levels of security, transparency, and compliance. These capabilities ensure investor confidence and help EB-5 issuers increase the probability of achieving project success. NES Financial is the leading provider of EB-5 solutions, having worked on more than 250 projects representing over $10 billion in EB-5 capital.

“Investors are well informed on the EB-5 process and conduct significant due diligence before selecting a project to invest in,” said Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice President. “How issuers like EB5 GROUP plan to administer the funds is a critical consideration. Our Solution was designed specifically to enable the level of transparency that investors deserve.”