As more education and coverage around the Opportunity Zones initiative continues to grow, one group of investors are ready to take a more active role in helping distressed communities across the country: family offices

During our Sept. 9th Opportunity Zones webinar on impact investing, DJ Van Keuren, Managing Partner of Evergreen Property Partners, discussed with our Chief Revenue Office Reid Thomas the reasons why family offices were initially cautious to invest in Opportunity Zone funds, and why this is no longer the case. DJ shares more with us in the clip below.

Also, if you missed this important conversation on impact investing, please click here to view the recording.


“The primary reason why we haven’t seen a high amount of investment into Opportunity Zones from family offices is primarily because the guidelines didn’t come out until the beginning of the year. Investors want to know what are the benefits to investing in Opportunity Zones and how it actually works,” said DJ.

“What we’ve found also found is that a lot of Opportunity Zones sponsors talk about the deal itself and its returns, rather than educating them about the social impact and its value.”

What the real value to the investor is that you can do good and get returns that can be very favorable depending on the investment opportunity.

While Opportunity Zone Fund investing is nowhere near what people thought would be at from an investment perspective with family offices, the awareness is increasing and having access to tools measuring social impact that JTC Americas, Formerly NES Financial, provides is tremendous, and it should make a difference, with families wanting to invest and taking advantage of these opportunities.”

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