As wait times for Chinese-born EB-5 investors surpass the average length of EB-5 development projects, the need to “redeploy” their capital into secondary projects (to maintain the required “at risk” status of the funds) has become a challenging industry reality. An estimated $17 billion in EB-5 capital will require redeployment over the next four years, according to our data, and NCE Managers and General Partners must be very careful to handle this money in a manner consistent with their fiduciary responsibilities to their investors.

In this week’s featured article, Catherine DeBono Holmes, Partner at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP, presents seven questions that Managers and GPs need to ask themselves when formulating a redeployment plan.

Read the article here: “Fiduciary Duties of General Partners and Managers in Connection with Redeployment of EB-5 Capital

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