Foreign investors look to invest in the United States real estate market for a variety of reasons. When evaluating these investment opportunities, foreign investors may want to also consider the EB-5 program as part of their decision-making process. While an EB-5 opportunity may not provide the highest financial returns as some other investments, it does provide the opportunity to become a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.

An NES Financial client, AISA Investment Advisers, recognizes this need and introduces foreign investors to a variety of EB-5 and non- EB-5 opportunities. They help these investors evaluate projects by conducting thorough and objective due diligence on each project.

No matter which investment type the investor selects, he or she tends to look for the same principles in the project – such as security and transparency. That is why AISA selected NES Financial’s leading Intelligent EB-5 Fund Administration Solution.

“We chose NES Financial because of their leadership position and expertise in EB-5,” said Peyman Attari, President and CEO of AISA. “…As demand for our services continues to grow, we need to select a solution that could scale to meet our needs. We found the NES Financial Intelligent EB-5 Solution to be the best fit for AISA.”

NES Financial’s suite of Intelligent EB-5 Solutions was designed to cover the entire EB-5 life cycle but can also be used on non-EB-5 projects to track the funds throughout the whole process. Each solution was built around the principles of security, transparency, and compliance – messages that resonate well with investors and can help increase the marketability of a project.

“Our purpose-built Intelligent EB-5 Solutions continue to be well received in the marketplace,” said Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice-President. “As the EB-5 market continues to mature, we expect to see a mixture of EB-5 and traditional funds being administered on our platform.”

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