“Top-notch fund administration can differentiate your firm, says NES’s Michael Halloran”

The maturation of the alternative asset investment industry has propelled the growth of many related service providers, but few have grown as rapidly and with such significant impact as a top-notch fund administration.

In the last decade, as general partnerships grappled with the regulatory and investor-driven changes to the marketplace, firms have had to meet more rigorous reporting requirements and demonstrate greater transparency—all while finding investments and structuring deals in a competitive business environment.

While these added responsibilities may be viewed as an onerous distraction from a firm’s primary investment mission by some general partners, fund administration can be done to competitive, cost-saving advantage.

Many administrators have developed the capability to provide cybersecurity, investor onboarding, and enhanced compliance services to asset managers, elevating their role from backoffice functions to being an integral part of a firm’s competitive profile. The next level is the ability of the fund administrator to amass and then analyze a huge volume of data that can directly support the fund’s most important activity—making good investments.

Michael Halloran, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at NES Financial, explains: “When you look at private equity and particularly alternative assets today, you have a whole ecosystem of providers out in the marketplace. These are your traditional fund administrators, so back, middle, some front-office services. But in reality, they’re like plumbing. Fund administration needs to become much more strategic.”

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