There are several different parties involved in the EB-5 process – from the Regional Center or developer, to the immigration attorney, even to the securities attorney. Having so many parties involved can lead to difficulty coordinating everything that needs to be done. Each investor may come with their own immigration attorney, which can really complicate things. When there are only a few investors it may seem manageable, but what if your project has 100 investors. Then let’s say each investor has a spouse and an immigration attorney. That’s at least 300 people that you have to take into consideration, and with all the other things a Regional Center needs to focus on, it can become virtually impossible to do it all. On top of that, investors will probably have a lot of questions regarding their application status, and the more investors involved in a project, the more time consuming this could be for the Regional Center.

In a sector where smooth and timely execution is critical to the investor’s successful immigration, the accuracy and efficiency of the business processes are paramount.

Many EB-5 Regional Centers and developers have had to use spreadsheets, CRM systems, virtual file rooms, etc. to meet their operational needs and the needs of their investors. Again, with only a few investors you might be able to get by with these methods, but imagine trying to sort through 300 files in your office filing cabinet to find information on one specific immigrant. Before today, there was never an easy solution specifically designed to make this process more efficient.

Enter NES Financial’s EB-5 Immigration Workflow solution. This purpose-built solution enables full tracking of immigration status through the EB-5 process, enabling Regional Centers and developers to make sure no steps are missed and all deadlines are met.

EB-5 Immigration Workflow provides comprehensive reporting and includes EB-5 specific features, such as alerts for time-sensitive actions required for individual investors. The solution helps reduce the risk and operational overhead involved with tracking and managing immigration status and information flow between the Regional Center, developer, investors, immigration attorneys, and the USCIS – allowing the Regional Center and developer to work faster, safer, and more efficiently.

With EB-5 Immigration Workflow, Regional Centers and developers can spend more time focusing on developing the project and less time having to manage all the paperwork involved.

If you would like to know more, EB-5 Immigration Workflow will be introduced during our upcoming 2014 Success Strategies for EB-5 Regional Centers seminar series. The seminars will take place February 4th, 6th, and 11th in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles respectively, so don’t miss it!

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