What makes JTC Americas’ institutional infrastructure different, and how it can give you more tools to keep investors happy.

To be able to succeed in private equity, funds need to attract investors. With so much competition, in order to stand out, you have to offer something beyond what every other fund provides, not only in terms of opportunity and returns, but in terms of the investor experience. The better their experience, the more likely they’ll be to work with you again and recommend you to others, and a great place to start is with your choice of third-party fund administrator.

In today’s marketplace, investors want greater access to portfolio information than ever before. That’s why JTC Americas centers its fund administration solution around several pillars of institutional infrastructure – core qualities of fund administration that provide investors with the access and peace of mind they desire. JTC’s infrastructure is built around the three core concepts of security, transparency and compliance.


JTC Americas incorporates industry-leading security measures to provide investors with assurance that their data and financial information are safe while still offering the access they’ve come to expect.

Information Security: JTC utilizes a “three layers of defense” model with the necessary oversight performed by our internal Risk & Compliance subject matter experts in addition to internal and external audit functions.

IT Infrastructure: A number of technical controls are deployed to protect our information security assets. These include secure network connections with intrusion detection systems, denial of service mitigation, and the implementation of a specialized security operations center.

Credential Management and Authentication: To ensure only authorized users have access to important information, we employ secure password management systems with strong password enforcement, along with multi-factor authentication and a single sign-on portal.

Data Privacy and Security: Data and communications are protected by our data loss prevention system, along with company firewalls that scan egress traffic. Emails are automatically encrypted when personally identifiable information is detected, and a virtual private network protects all inter-office and remote user electronic communication.

Intrusion and Virus Protection: Our firewalls automatically block intrusion attempts and port scans, and intrusion detection service agents are deployed on all desktop and server computers. We undergo annual network vulnerability and penetration testing by outside security companies to ensure our monitoring and response systems are beyond scrutiny.


JTC’s purpose-built technology provides full transparency for investors along with secure handling of data and financial information. We employ best-in-class technology and data management to streamline processes and reduce errors.

Secure Investor Portal: JTC’s proprietary eSTAC technology platform provides 24/7 access to portfolio information while protecting user data, as well as offering subscription deployment, data aggregation, workflow automation and document management so your investors can get reports and information when they want them.

Advanced Onboarding Solution: JTC Americas has partnered with Venture.co to automate the subscription process, allowing client documents to be uploaded and data transferred automatically, reducing the chance for error while improving speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Data Management: Our innovative data processing technology allows for more efficient handling of data, producing faster and more accurate reports.

Institutional-grade General Ledger: We’re moving fund managers away from spreadsheets and toward data-centric accounting and reporting, mitigating operational risk.

One Team: Instead of having to work with multiple disparate divisions that force you to hunt down answers to your questions, with JTC Americas, you’ll have a single point of contact and a dedicated team of client services ambassadors that know your processes intimately. When issues arise, you’ll always know who to call.


SOC 1, Type II Audit: Every year, JTC Americas completes an SOC 1, Type 2 audit. The company voluntarily undergoes regular third-party reviews of its technologies, procedures and control objectives as part of its commitment to minimizing risk. Your investors can feel confident knowing your fund administrator has been fully vetted and has proven its processes to be compliant and secure.

Ultimately, fund administration is not just about improving processes for fund managers – it’s also about providing the best experience possible for investors. When the people investing in your fund can get information and answers when they want them with the knowledge that their investments are being tracked through industry-leading technology and security measures, they won’t keep that information to themselves. Working with an administrator like JTC Americas can improve your reputation in the industry and build relationships that will last.

Together We Grow

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