A new case study from JTC Americas emphasizes the need for the right partner when seeking international investment.

We often talk about going local to global, and how important a fund administrator can be when US investment managers hope to take their business abroad. Whether you’re looking to accept foreign capital or use your US investor base to diversify into foreign markets, the decisions you make regarding where and how to set up your fund or special purpose vehicle will affect everything that comes after.

But what do we mean by this? Sometimes it’s hard to understand in the abstract, since those who have never taken a fund global might not be aware of the speedbumps that pop up along the way. That’s why JTC Americas has come out with a new case study to help you better understand the process of going global and how we can help.

Titled “JTC Americas Helps U.S. Investment Manager Take Its Business Global”, the case study tells the story of a successful US investment manager that wanted to know if it was possible to provide access to its funds to international investors.

JTC’s global presence made it the perfect place to accommodate the firm’s needs, because while they were new to international fundraising, JTC wasn’t, and knew how to hit the ground running and avoid common pitfalls.

The case study covers the steps the investment manager took with JTC’s help, including selecting the right domicile, navigating through the relevant foreign regulatory compliance landscape and the actions necessary for gaining overseas investors’ trust. It explains not just the decisions that were made, but why, and the benefit that was gained by working with a company like JTC that has an on-the-ground presence in so many fund jurisdictions worldwide.

If you’ve ever considered taking an investment fund global but don’t know where to start, this case study can be an invaluable resource in understanding what it takes. At JTC, we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients grow, and the more you read about our solutions and expertise, the better you’ll understand just how feasible going global is when you’re working with the right partner.

Together We Grow

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