Since it has been confirmed that President Donald Trump’s latest COVID-19 immigration visa Executive Order exempts the EB-5 program, investors can still definitively file their I-829 Petitions with USCIS.

With the rush of investor interest leading up to the effective date the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization last year and its investment minimum increase, we know many EB-5 issuers were consumed with raising capital and processing I-526 petitions before November 21 — and it may be time now to focus on the steps that follow.

Have you prepared all the documentation necessary to facilitate your investors’ I-829 Petition filings? 

Investors may file their I-829 Petitions with USCIS starting 90 days before the end of their two-year conditional residency period. At this time, they must provide evidence that:

  1. A commercial enterprise was established,
  2. The capital investment was made,
  3. The investment was sustained at-risk throughout the conditional residency period, and
  4. The project created the requisite number of jobs.

There is a significant amount of data and documentation to compile in order to file a successful I-829 and in many cases the preparation has been left to the last minute. 

Not to worry, our EB-5 Administration Solution Suites, provide the tools necessary to successfully administer each phase of the EB-5 program life cycle, and can be custom matched to your unique needs. JTC Americas, Formerly NES Financial, in cooperation with key Medallion partners, can help you gather all of the information your investors, and their immigration attorneys, will need to prepare and file their I-829 petitions.  Our eSTAC® platform is designed to help organize and deliver the information quickly and securely.  

To schedule a complimentary EB-5 audit, including your complimentary I-829 readiness assessment, please visit for more information.