My colleagues and I had the pleasure of attending the annual RECon convention last week in Las Vegas, and as always, the event did not disappoint.

The general consensus seemed to be that the real estate market is picking up, which is great news for all in the industry. 1031 Exchanges were as popular as ever. As a matter of fact, on the shuttle bus to the hotel we overheard many conversations about 1031 exchanges! Many of the visitors to our booth expressed that they were indeed planning on conducting a 1031 exchange and appreciated our expertise in the field. We are also the largest independent Qualified Intermediary in the country specializing in Forward, Reverse 1031 exchanges, and Like-Kind exchanges.

Another thing that was apparent was the increased interest in the EB-5 program. Last year many people did not know what the EB-5 program was. This year, not only did more people know about EB-5, but they are actually using it as a source of additional capital or were interested in learning more. NES Financial has over 40% of the market share in EB-5, with a suite of EB-5 solutions designed to provide security, transparency, and compliance throughout the EB-5 process.

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