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Impact Investing Funds Resource Center

Committed impact investors want to have new and bigger ways to drive economic, societal, and environmental change in distressed communities across the country. This can be accomplished by investing in diverse impact funds that are making a difference through real estate or operating businesses by creating much-needed jobs and housing.

Learn more below about the impact funds administered by JTC Americas and the purpose-built dashboards that are available to investors to ensure that funds achieve their impact objectives in communities where they’re needed most.

Insider Insights Series: OZ and Impact Fund Investing Webinar 

List of Impact Investing Fund Resources

Why the IMPACT Act is Exactly What Opportunity Zones Need and Now

In our last Opportunity Zones webinar about 2021 trends and outlook, the topic of implementing standard reporting requirements for all Qualified Opportunity Funds came up. While the IRS requires information such as the value of the QOF’s investment and the EIN of each business that the QOF has an ownership interest, many stakeholders and industry leaders say it’s not enough…… Read Now >>

JTC Group Enters into a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Alternative Investment Fund Specialist INDOS

Global fund administrator JTC Group announced the acquisition of INDOS, an industry-leading specialist in the provision of depositary, ESG and AML oversight services for alternative investment funds. INDOS is being acquired from its management team and a group of private shareholders. All employees, including INDOS founder and CEO Bill Prew and his senior management team, will join JTC…..  Read Now >>

Q&A with JTC Group’s Wouter Plantenga on Why Impact Metrics Matter

As governments look to stimulate recovery, impact investing funds have growth potential as managers seek to do good while generating returns. Wouter Plantenga, ICS Head of Group Client Services at JTC, explains that a consistent set of impact measurements, combined with best-in-class technology will give funds an edge…..  Read Now >>

Alfonso Costa Jr. on How to Make the Opportunity Zones Initiative ‘Better’

For three years during his time with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Alfonso Costa Jr. was immersed in all matters related to Opportunity Zones. As the former Deputy Chief of Staff, Alfonso was responsible for advising Former HUD Secretary Ben Carson and overseeing all policy (including Opportunity Zones) carried out by HUD…..  Read Now >>

How Opportunity Zones and EB-5 can help 19.4 million Unemployed Americans

According to Jill Jones, Assistant General Counsel at JTC Americas and former member of the IIUSA board of directors, EB-5 and Opportunity Zones have a lot in common. Both initiatives are intent on improving the quality of life in distressed communities by driving investment and creating jobs….  Read Now >>

The History of Impact Investing: All Roads Lead to Measurement

SRI really picked up steam, however, in the 1960s and the decades that followed, at which point its history begins to collide with what we now think of as impact investing – wherein investors do not merely screen out bad investments but make ones that serve social good and deliver market returns….  Read Now >>

Expert on Opportunity Zones and Family Offices Turning a Tide Together

As more education and coverage around the Opportunity Zones initiative continues to grow, one group of investors are ready to take a more active role in helping distressed communities across the country: family offices. During our Sept. 9th Opportunity Zones webinar on impact investing…  Read Now >>

impact investing webinar speakers

Impact Investing During COVID: Opportunity Zones Experts Weigh In

This year’s economic and social turmoil has accelerated the growth of so-called “impact investing” — a rising emphasis on social and community impact, alongside ROI, when making investment decisions….  Read Now >>

Emilio Miguel JTC Opportunity Zones

Why Latin American Investors Want to Invest in Opportunity Zones

As the Opportunity Zones initiative continues to bring much-needed economic dollars to distressed areas across the U.S. during the COVID pandemic, there is substantial capital looking for investment opportunities that could help the initiative grow….  Read Now >>

Introducing iRR with Howard W. Buffett

Howard W. Buffett Addresses Measuring Social Impact in Opportunity Zones (Part I)

Prior to our Opportunity Zones webinar on February 12th, we spoke with Howard W. Buffett, professor at Columbia University and president of Global Impact, about a formula he devised for measuring impact funds called “iRR” — impact rate of return…  Read Now >>

Introducing iRR with Howard W. Buffett

Howard W. Buffett Addresses Measuring Social Impact in Opportunity Zones (Part II)

In Part Two of our Opportunity Zones Q&A blog series with Howard W. Buffett, professor at Columbia University and president of Global Impact, we asked a pressing follow up question many have about calculating the impact value of money on impact funds… Read Now >>

Opportunity zone impact reporting

Why Impact Investing Reporting for Funds is Key for the Future of Opportunity Zones

The group openly discussed the potential burdens of reporting requirements, including impact reporting in Opportunity Zones. “There’s a lot that we can do to make this work,” said Thomas, who was recognized as one of the Top 25 OZ Influencers in Opportunity Zone Magazine this year…. Read Now >>

Arctaris Gentrifying Opportunity Zones

How Arctaris Avoids Gentrifying Opportunity Zones with Impact Investing

While the Opportunity Zones initiative is bringing much-needed economic development to distressed neighborhoods throughout the country, concerns about whether these neighborhoods will succumb to gentrification and displacement have been raised by community leaders and residents…. Read Now >>

EB-5 Trends and Redeployment During COVID

Since we held our last EB-5 webinar, the world has been turned upside down. The global spread of COVID-19 has upended entire economies, and the EB-5 Program touches three areas which have been severely affected: employment, immigration and real estate development….. Read Now >>

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