Helping Well Intended Investment Funds Do the Good They Are Intended to Do

Leading Solutions for the Administration of Impact Funds

Impact investment funds take many forms and sizes: Some support grassroots efforts and local business that is crucial to individual communities. Others act on a multinational scale, working as essential tools of sweeping government stimulus.

At JTC Americas, we are leaders in third-party administration for impact investment funds. JTC Americas’ specialty financial administration solutions seamlessly track and document impact metrics, and they can help your fund meet current and future reporting requirements — all on top of our scalable, tech-driven private equity fund administration platform.

Our core areas of impact investment focus:

Opportunity Zones

A purpose-built solution that embeds security, transparency, and regulatory compliance at each step.

EB-5 Visa Program

An integrated approach to administering funds and immigration workflow through the entire EB-5 life cycle.

Impact Education Center