Rewarding Investment Initiatives That Make a Difference

The JTC Impact Medallion Program

The JTC Impact Medallion Program recognizes fund managers and other industry stakeholders whose investments make a positive impact on communities in need, our environment, and other social causes. These entities must also embrace best practices in security, transparency, and compliance throughout their operation.

The Medallion serves as a badge of distinction, offering an easy way to identify investment opportunities that are truly focused on making a positive impact (and which utilize the most rigorous third-party oversight).

Private equity funds investing in Opportunity Zones, Targeted Employment Area projects using EB-5 capital, and other Impact/ESG-focused funds are eligible.

Interested in Upping Your Impact?

At JTC, we have always been passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives. Our mission is to help investment funds accomplish their intended good, maximizing ESG impact through accurate reporting and administrative best practices.

We’d love to help you reach your impact goals. For a free impact consultation, and to see if your fund or project could qualify for an Impact Medallion, please contact us.

The Medallion Partner Program

While the Impact Medallion Program recognizes high-quality, impact-focused funds and projects, JTC also maintains the Medallion Partner Program, which honors other service providers in the impact investment space who share our commitment to accurate impact reporting and best practices for security, transparency, and compliance.

Our Medallion Partners

Impact Medallion Project Spotlight

Learn how Arctaris Impact Investors is perfectly positioned to take advantage of Opportunity Zones, and how they’ve been able to offer a wide range of opportunities to investors.

Read about Ellavoz Impact Capital and how they are using Impact Investing & Opportunity Zones to bring together investors & community stakeholders to solve inequities in home ownership.

Discover how LCR Capital Partners works in EB-5 industry, with both direct & indirect offerings including workshops, wealth management, & mortgages for immigrant investors. 

View how Urban Catalyst has been involved in Opportunity Zones since the beginning and how they are uniquely positioned to understand how OZ has changed over the years.

Learn how LandFund Partners is using Opportunity Zones tax incentives to make its investments in biodiversity and regenerative farming practices even more attractive for investors.

Read how OPAL’s Fund demonstrates the good OZ projects can do in rural communities & the use of government incentives to provide risk-adjusted returns for investors.