With the economy turning the corner, the multi-family real estate market continues to pick up steam. The past twelve months have seen a 48% growth in this market, and that number is projected to continue growing.

Just the other day I was talking to one of our homebuilder clients, who is very happy with the service they have received from NES Financial. By using our Homebuilder Escrow Solution, they were able to scale without worry about growing their infrastructure. The Solution also provides financial regulatory and fiduciary structure expertise, rapid and seamless deployment with no downtime, and flexible reporting capabilities with 24/7 online account visibility.

The client was also pleased with the services provided by our Homebuilder Escrow Solution including account support, on-time delivery of reporting, and the collaborative effort put forth to solve new business problems.

NES Financial’s Solution helps homebuilders streamline reporting and record keeping while improving the efficiency of the existing administration of homebuyers’ deposits. Our Homebuilder Escrow Solution also provides the highest level of regulatory compliance in the industry.

While many homebuilders like this client are looking for an efficient method for managing funds movement, they also want a solution that is quick to integrate with existing processes and easy to use. Our leading sub-accounting platform complements fiduciary arrangements and can improve administrative processes, as well as the efficiency of utilization of capital and funding of homebuyer deposit accounts.

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