In a word: Yes. But only when you have a fund administrator by your side that’s well placed to help you tame the risk, and calm the complexity.

With competition for limited partners and assets intensifying, the appeal of overseas capital is obvious. And there’s a mutual attraction between that capital and safe investments in the US — especially in US real estate funds.

But for managers more accustomed to domestic fundraising, extreme caution is called for: when you cross borders, both the rules of the road and the risks are far more complex — and the consequences of getting it wrong, potentially far more severe.

This white paper crisply lays out the competitive advantages, administrative complexities and regulatory minefields around international fundraising — and shows you how to navigate it all and come out ahead.

As you will learn, the benefits to both your fund and your limited partners can extend far beyond compliance and successful onboarding of foreign investors. When you work with NES Financial, you also unlock efficiencies that flow through to the bottom line — with potential value-added benefits such as real-time strategic intelligence for both general and limited partners.

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