If you wanted to know how to say “EB-5 Best Practices” in Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, or Vietnamese, look no further: our newly refreshed international website offers NES Financial’s content in five different languages.

Because we’ve long understood that immigrant investors make up the engine that enabled the EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Program to take flight, we’ve revamped our international website to meet growing investor markets around the world.

Our intelligent EB-5 solutions provide the only comprehensive approach to successfully administering the complexities of the entire EB-5 life cycle. Our solutions are rooted in embracing and implementing best practices so as to provide greater transparency, better security, and increased compliance for investors and issuers.

In addition to having a new look and feel, the NES Financial international website is designed to reach rapidly growing investor markets– or the demographic that can often be most susceptible to fraud and abuse.

Investors in China and Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, Latin America, and Vietnam will be able to educate themselves on common pitfalls and increasingly sophisticated schemes to look out for, while familiarizing themselves with our intelligent EB-5 solutions.

The international website, which went live at the end of April, will kick off a new international initiative to bolster relationships with immigrant investors, issuers, and agents alike.

To check out the NES Financial International website – Click Here. Be sure to check back and see what languages are being added to our international website as well as which countries we’ll be visiting this summer!

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