2012’s Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was hailed in the EB-5 industry as meaning that the expensive, time-consuming, and complicated compliance with U.S. securities laws was now history. But while the JOBS Act removed some impediments to selling EB-5 investments, it did not eliminate the application of U.S. securities laws to EB-5.

The JOBS Act provides significant, immediate easing of certain troublesome securities obligations, most notably the Reg D proscription of public advertising and the Reg A+ ceiling and exclusion of unaccredited investors.In general, the Act is making EB-5 easier and enhancing success.

In NES Financial’s recently released eBook, Navigating a Changing EB-5 Sector: Insights from Experts, Michael Homeier of Medallion Partner Homeier Law wrote an article on the JOBS Act, with an expansion on the above paragraphs.

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