JTC Americas’ 1031 Exchange Educational Video Series

JTC Americas has produced a comprehensive educational video series to walk you through the life cycle of a 1031 Exchange. With over 15 years of experience as a Qualified Intermediary, JTC Americas is one of the foremost industry experts!

Join our resident 1031 Exchange authority, Justin Amos, as he answers common questions about this complex industry.

Justin Amos
National Sales Manager, Account Executive

IRC & 1031 Tax-Deferred Like-Kind Exchange 1031 Educational Videos

1031 Exchange Overview

What is a 1031 Exchange? Learn how a 1031 Exchange works and the benefits it can provide to taxpayers.

5 Steps to a Successful Exchange

Learn how to ensure your exchange complies with Section 1031, along with answers to common questions about vacation homes, avoiding a boot, the definition of “like kind,” and the 1031 Exchange timeline.

Considerations for 1031 Exchanges

What to look for when selecting a Qualified Intermediary, a breakdown of the 1031 identification rules, and performing an exchange with a partnership.

Types of Exchanges

Learn the difference between a forward and reverse exchange, along with a breakdown of the process and timeline for each.

JTC Americas’ 1031 Exchange Solution

JTC Americas brings award-winning technology and decades of experience as a Qualified Intermediary to our clients in the 1031 Exchange industry. Listen to why JTC is the perfect QI for your project’s needs.

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