The free webinar will feature industry experts discussing 1031 Exchanges, Opportunity Zones, and how investor strategies are evolving.

San Jose, CA. August 17, 2022 – Fund administration leader JTC Americas has announced an in-depth virtual forum on the state of tax-advantaged investing in 2022. The event is scheduled for August 24th, 2022, and will be presented virtually so attendees can join from around the country. Titled “Innovative Strategies for Tax-Advantaged Investing,” the webinar will focus on methods for deferring taxes on capital gains, including Opportunity Zones and 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges.

For more than a century, 1031 exchanges have been a pillar of smart investing and retirement strategies by allowing investors to defer capital gains taxes when purchasing a like-kind property. Like much of the real estate sector, 1031 has seen plenty of ups and downs over the last year, with rising home costs, supply chain problems, and inflation being just a few of the issues affecting the market.

Changes in the marketplace have shifted investors strategies as property owners consider whether it’s prudent to perform an exchange now rather than waiting. They’re also considering other avenues for tax deferral like Opportunity Zones, which incentivize investment in underserved areas to positively impact communities and have become very popular with investors focused on impact.

The goal of the webinar is to educate stakeholders on the state of 1031 and other tax-advantaged investments. Should you sell now to take advantage of current 1031 rules? Are alternative types of exchanges like Delaware Statutory Trusts and Triple-Net Leases more or less viable in the current market? And can other tax-advantaged investments like Opportunity Zones be used in conjunction with 1031? The panelists will also answer questions from attendees so those watching around the world can inquire about specific situations.

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