NES Financial will be a keynote speaker at a series of events hosted by Bisnow over the course of this year to discuss EB-5 funding success strategies. The first event of the series will take place April 29, 2015, from 8-11 am at the W Hollywood in Los Angeles. 

NES Financial will be joining with Wright Johnson, a nationally prominent EB-5 consulting firm, Dawn Lurie, who leads the EB-5 investment practice at Polsinelli Law Firm, and Homeier & Law, a leading business law firm in the EB-5 industry. This EB-5 Alliance of leading industry experts hopes to offer developers who are interested in utilizing EB-5 funding in their capital raises the information their projects need to be successful.

Though the EB-5 program was once relatively obscure, the industry’s rapid growth since the 2008 financial crisis has seen EB-5 emerge as a mainstream source of capital. As an increasing number of high-profile commercial real estate projects have made use of EB-5 funding, developer interest in EB-5 has skyrocketed.

By working with other highly-experienced players in the EB-5 industry, NES Financial intends these presentations to offer developers a solid foundation of knowledge to allow them to use EB-5 funding securely, efficiently, and effectively.

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