Goodbye Year of the Pig, hello Year of the Rat!

2019 was a strong and successful year for JTC Americas and our clients. We closed the year with over 60 Opportunity Zone funds, final OZ regulations were published, we entered EB-5 3.0 (a term coined by our EVP Reid Thomas) and interest in our Private Equity and 1031 solutions skyrocketed!

So, what does the Year of the Rat look like and will it be a good year for investors?

According to Chinese astrology forecasts for this year, those who plan to invest in real estate or another long-term project, or start a business, have a high likelihood of success in the future.

Sounds good, but how can you ensure that your business will truly have a successful new year?

Ask some of our clients like Hatteras Sky, Urban Catalyst, and Griffin Capital, who all believe and understand the importance in having the right team!

As a Specialty Financial Administrator, we continue to dominate and define industry best practices in each of the markets we serve — from 1031 exchanges and EB-5 visa funding, to private equity and the landmark Opportunity Zones program. JTC Americas, Formerly NES Financial, services more than 365 funds, administers over $20B annually, and has worked with more than 700 EB-5 projects.

The sectors we serve are characterized by high administrative complexity, increased transaction security needs, and challenging regulatory compliance requirements. Our company’s purpose-built solutions streamline the administrative processes of these markets — simplifying specialized financial transactions, curtailing fraud and abuse and helping ensure the utmost in security, transparency and regulatory compliance through each step of an investment’s life cycle.

Our commitment to best practices continues this year and we will be holding our first webinar discussing the importance of measuring impact to ensure the OZ initiative does the good it’s intended to do.  If you are interested in developing or investing in an OZ fund, you should definitely attend this webinar about “Measuring Social Impact in Opportunity Zones.” Our EVP Reid Thomas and guest speakers will discuss the latest OZ market data and recently developed tools to quantify social impact in opportunity zones.

There is definitely a lot happening at JTC Americas and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help your business grow this year by contacting us here!

Happy Year of the Rat!

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