The importance of Regional Centers properly preparing their projects for success seemed to be the general theme during last week’s “2nd Annual National EB-5 Finance and Investment Forum” conference. Event coordinator and active EB-5 stakeholder, Brian Su, said, “You only get one strike in this industry,” because it’s often difficult, if not impossible, to raise funds in the future after a previously failed project.

The conference was packed with an array of speakers including:

  • Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group, Inc. and the EB-5 China Marketing and Field Support Center
  • Jo Ann Clarke, Founder and President of The EB-5 Resource Center, LLC
  • Dr. Scott W. Barnhart, Associate Professor of Finance at Florida Atlantic University and Founder of Barnhart Economic Services, LLC
  • Karen Caco, Partner and Immigration Attorney of Bernstein Osberg-Braun & deMoraes
  • Roger A. Bernstein, Partner and Immigration Attorney of Bernstein Osberg-Braun & deMoraes,
  • David Appel, CPA and Senior Partner of Marcum LLP.

According to Fieldstone, it is essential that Regional Centers compile a strong team of professionals to develop their project in order to have a greater chance at success. Included in his description of strong “team players” is an escrow administrator who can help facilitate investor funds during the capital raise process, providing an added layer of security to investors.

As a recognized leader in the EB-5 industry, NES Financial’s unique EB-5 Administration structure provides investors with the comfort of having controls in place governing the holding and disbursement of their funds during the I-526 application process. This ensures that the funds will not be disbursed at any time or to anyone unless the conditions in the escrow agreement have been fulfilled. Plus, the funds are available to be returned to the investor should the investor’s I-526 application be denied.

NES Financial is the leading provider of EB-5 escrow administration technology and services to Regional Centers. Our technology-based solutions help streamline the administration of investors’ deposits. Built on the proprietary eSTACTM platform, NES Financial’s EB-5 Escrow Solution improves operational efficiency, lowers costs and reduces risk for USCIS-approved EB-5 Regional Centers.

For more information about other events where NES Financial will showcase their solutions, visit our event page.