NESF Streamlines Overall Brand to Deliver Additional Solutions, Consumer Protections into Multiple Markets

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 9, 2010 – NES Financial (NESF), a leading provider of financial services solutions for the banking industry and Fortune 500 companies, has announced that their Nationwide Exchange Services (NES) division will now operate under the parent company name of NES Financial. The change takes effect on November 9, 2010; as of that date the Nationwide Exchange Services website at will point to

Nationwide Exchange Services is the leading provider of 1031 exchanges in the United States, and over the years has become the preferred Qualified Intermediary (QI) for many Fortune 500 firms and top banking institutions in the U.S. The parent company NES Financial, who developed the proprietary technology platform used to securely administer NES exchanges, has continued to expand their company offerings to other financial sectors in order to provide efficient and secure administration of trusts and complex multiparty escrows in industries that require enhanced efficiency, transparency and added consumer protections.

“For over five years at Nationwide Exchange Services we’ve been emphasizing in the marketplace the need for improved financial security, complete transactional transparency, and in the case of corporate clientele, more thorough compliance practices regarding 1031 exchanges. That, coupled with the company’s business processes, technology, customer service and industry-leading sector expertise has made NES the largest provider of 1031 intermediary services by a wide margin,” said Michael Halloran, president and CEO of NES Financial. “What many don’t realize is that during the past 18 months we’ve applied those same attributes into a varied set of solutions in trust and escrow that are available through NES Financial that benefits other financial sectors and market segments.”

NES Financial delivers technology and service solutions that provide reduced operating expenses, lower compliance costs, greater scalability, and improved customer retention in many forms of trust and escrow administration to the banking sector. With these solutions, banking and financial services company end customers have benefitted with improved financial flexibility, reduced transactional risk, lower costs, and better transparency and compliance capabilities. Overall, the approach has brought the company increased market share, strong momentum and solid growth. The collective companies of NES Financial are now administering over $6 billion in transaction volume per month for some of the largest banks and corporations in the U.S.

“Our mission is clear and consistent regardless of market sector: to provide partners and clientele with best-of-class solutions that allow them to be safer, faster, better informed and more profitable,” continued Halloran. “For this reason Nationwide Exchange Services is now going to operate under the parent company brand of NES Financial. While the name may be slightly different, the same group of experts will be on hand with a wider range of solutions to help businesses grow.”

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