NES Financial announced that it has added a new solution to its existing suite of Intelligent EB-5 Solutions. The EB-5 Loan Administration Solution meets the stringent standards of traditional institutional lenders and investors but also takes into account the unique requirements of EB-5 funded loans.

Loan servicing for an EB-5 investment is often complex and requires industry experience, expertise, and purpose built technology. A critical part of the covenant with investors is the timely and accurate administration of the project’s loan, including its underlying waterfall calculations and distributions. EB-5 loans can involve numerous participants, including investors, marketing agents, and brokers, and each may have different returns. The NES Financial EB-5 Loan Administration Solution is designed to handle this complexity efficiently, at scale, and in compliance.

“The ultimate goal in EB-5 is success at the I-829 stage. Many EB-5 issuers underestimate the requirements of properly tracking everything throughout the entire EB-5 process,” said Julian Montero, Partner at Arnstein & Lehr, LLP. “With this new solution added to their portfolio, NES Financial already has all of those tools that will not only help issuers with tracking documents and information but also help them differentiate themselves, provide confidence for investors, and achieve project success.”

The EB-5 Loan Administration Solution is part of NES Financial’s suite of Intelligent EB-5 Solutions, which has been used in over 300 projects representing more than $12 billion in capital. Each solution brings the utmost levels of security, transparency, and compliance to the EB-5 process. Whether utilizing select products or the entire bundle, these unique solutions take care of the middle and back office administration so issuers can focus on doing what they do best.

“With most traditional sources of capital, it has become best practice to utilize a third party for servicing loans and distributions,” said Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice President. “As the EB-5 market continues to grow, it is essential that these proven practices be adopted. NES Financial’s newest EB-5 solution seamlessly fits right in with our existing suite and helps issuers increase efficiency, lower cost, and reduce risk for their investors.”