NES Financial announced a launch of a new product in the EB-5 space. After our time at the recent IIUSA annual event we’ve received a tremendous amount of follow-up commentary from existing customers, partners and new friends in the EB-5 space. In addition to our leading EB-5 escrow solution we were showing some great new technology to lend efficiency and simplicity to the necessary processes of file tracking, syndication, versioning and collaboration.

So again, the answer is, yes we are officially launching EB-5 Virtual File Share.

At the very highest level, what is EB-5 Virtual File Share? Here’s what it is:

  • Secure and Accessible File Versioning, Syndication & Tracking
  • Self-Service Enabled for Entire Value Chain
  • Online Virtual Workspace for Investors, Attorneys and Regional Centers
  • Easy and Fast to Set-up
  • Another Great Solution from the Leader in EB-5 Technology

I ran into a good friend at the gym last week and he was recounting a story for me about how he’s grown one of his key customers 800% in the last quarter. When I asked how?  He said, “I delight my customers… by listening to them.”

I like to think we do a great job of that here at NESF, delighting our customers by listening to them. This new product offering is a direct response to the overwhelming number of customers and partners who have asked us for help with this specific need in their business.

As a company we care deeply about what will be valuable for our current and future customers. If you have feedback for us (specifically me here looking after products) we’d love to hear from you. 

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