July 30, 2010 — In the last several months, financial reform has caught the national eye. The financial reform bill promises to help protect consumers across a variety of sectors, yet it fails to protect users of section 1031 exchanges. NES Financial (NESF) is working to fill this gap.

NES Financial’s push for consumer protection has been recognized on the national level in recent months. Fox News Q13 in Seattle has featured an interview with NESF President and CEO, Michael Halloran, one of the leading voices for federal regulation in the 1031 industry, discussing the dire need for industry safeguards. Halloran has also been featured in the June edition of Businessweek, explaining his quest for consumer protection.

While most companies are fleeing in the face of potentially stricter new regulations, NES Financial is actively pursuing them, hoping to ensure that no more consumers lose money to unscrupulous QI’s. NESF partners with leading financial institutions, law firms, corporations, and other major organizations to provide transparent, secure and compliant third-party administration solutions for trusts, complex multi-party escrows and 1031 exchanges. Flexible, scalable and cost-effective, these solutions include proprietary state-of-the-art technology and outstanding client services, with subject matter expertise in banking, real estate, leasing, transportation and tax law. As a result, NES Financial has become a leader in third-party administration solutions for the legal profession, banking industry, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, with tens of billions of dollars processed each year.

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