Earlier this month, JTC Americas’ Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director Reid Thomas, along with former Regional VP, Business Development Jeff Drinkwater, participated in the recorded teleconference series hosted by The Financial Engineering Institute (FEI) about Opportunity Zones.

In this 35-minute teleconference, Reid and Jeff speak with Nick Gregory, CEO of FEI, about JTC’s mission, its history in handling complex financial transactions, its position as the market leader in EB-5 and 1031 exchange services, and the promise that Opportunity Zones hold.

JTC Americas’ Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director Reid Thomas added, “WEA sought a mix of institutional-grade fund administration and personalized service, and they found their match in NES Financial. Success in modern wealth management depends on a combination of technology, domain expertise, and business process — when you bring those components together, you can do amazing things. We are honored to join WEA’s Expert Sourcing Team, and to help them reach their vision of success.”

Listen to the recording here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

JTC Americas recently contracted with The Wealth Engineering Alliance (WEA), a division of FEI, to become the dedicated fund administration service provider to their network of more than 2,200 wealth management firms. For more information, read the press release here.