NES Financial, the leading provider of EB-5 administration solutions, officially launched the Medallion Partner Program today. The Program recognizes key industry stakeholders that frequently work on EB-5 projects with NES Financial and who demonstrate a commitment to upholding best practices for their clients during the EB-5 process.

The Medallion Partner Program is an extension of the popular NES Financial Medallion Award Program, which was introduced last year as a way to recognize EB-5 projects that use NES Financial’s suite of services to deliver the highest levels of investor security, transparency, and compliance throughout the EB-5 life cycle. The Medallion Partner Program includes two categories of recognition:

  • Medallion Solution Partner – Partners in this category have developed EB-5 specific solutions that augment the NES Financial EB-5 Solution Suite to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency
  • Medallion Referral Partner – Partners in this category frequently work with NES Financial to deliver industry best practices on EB-5 projects

“EB-5 is a highly specialized and complex program. Assembling the right team of professionals and implementing the right solutions is key to success,” said Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice President. “The Medallion Partner Program helps pull together industry leading professionals and solutions that advance the EB-5 industry.”

Through the Program, industry service providers are able to offer their clients and potential clients a comprehensive, integrated solution. In turn, EB-5 issuers can streamline their business processes and reduce risk.

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