Competition in EB-5 continues to increase, with more and more Regional Centers and developers building projects funded by foreign investors. As the EB-5 market matures, the level of due diligence performed by these investors continues to increase. Issuers need a way to stand apart from the crowd and make marketing their project to investors easier.

Today NES Financial officially launched the Medallion Award Program today to help EB-5 issuers when discussing the benefits of their projects to investors overseas. The Program is meant to recognize issuers who uphold industry best practices. By electing to use a minimum of one of our leading EB-5 Solutions, issuers are demonstrating to investors that they are committed to providing the highest levels of security, transparency, and compliance.

There are three levels of Medallions – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The level of Medallion awarded corresponds to the number of solutions implemented from our EB-5 Solution Suite, which includes Escrow Administration, Fund Administration, and Immigration Workflow. A project that has implemented any one of our EB-5 Solutions receives a Silver Medallion, a Gold Medallion is given for those projects that implement any two of our EB-5 Solutions, and a Platinum Medallion is reserved for projects using the entire NES Financial EB-5 Solution Suite.

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