Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are complicated by their very nature.  Industry expertise, transactional transparency and operational efficiency are critical to successful M&A transactions but not always easy to find.

NES Financial has the know-how and technology to streamline the administration of M&A escrow accounts.  M&As frequently involve multiple parties, each requiring their own escrow account.  These accounts could become a sprawling administrative problem, but NESF offers a comprehensive solution to make handling multiple escrow accounts easy.  NES Financial’s eSTAC platform provides a turn-key system that efficiently organizes escrow accounts.  And eSTAC keeps the client constantly in touch with their account information:  clients can securely access escrow account information anywhere, anytime.

NES Financial’s eSTAC solution is not just efficient administration and a transparent window onto account information.  Behind the technology is NES Financial’s human capital:  real-life industry expertise in M&A escrow accounts.  We know the ins and outs of M&A escrows first hand.  And we are excited to talk with you about the M&A challenges you face!  Find out how to streamline your administrative processes with our superior customer support and expert escrow administration services.

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