Solution provides regular progress monitoring for investors and fund managers

San Jose, CA, Sept. 8, 2020 – NES Financial, a JTC Company (LON: JTC), announced that the second generation version of its economic and social impact reporting capabilities are now available for all of its Opportunity Zone Fund clients.

The latest release helps to provide a clearer picture of the positive impact that an Opportunity Zone Fund is making in a community. With this latest version, Fund Managers and their investors can establish a community baseline on key metrics prior to investment, project the economic and social impact on the community based on the specific attributes of the investment, and track the progress towards those projections as the project develops.

NES Financial is continuing to work in collaboration with Howard W. Buffett and his advisory firm, Global Impact LLC, by incorporating Impact Rate of Return®, or iRR®. iRR® serves as a key performance indicator enabling organizations to consistently calculate and report how efficiently their investments deliver social and environmental impact.

“Residents and businesses in over 8,700 Opportunity Zones across the United States are in need of bringing much-needed economic growth to their neighborhoods in a responsible and measurable way,” said Buffett, president of Global Impact LLC. “The purpose of this impact analysis is to provide investors and other stakeholders with objective context, including information from census tracts associated with a given OZ project.”

“The heart of the Opportunity Zones initiative is to make meaningful economic and social impact in distressed neighborhoods across America. With the stresses caused by this pandemic, the OZ initiative is the right solution at the right time,” said Reid Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director of NES Financial, a JTC Company. “The latest version of our solution will help stakeholders evaluate social impact in Opportunity Zones across the US.”

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