NES Financial recently passed another unprecedented milestone by entering into an agreement to provide EB-5 Escrow and Fund Administration solutions on its 200th EB-5 project. The EB-5 market has grown dramatically over the last few years, with the number of Regional Centers approved and projects funded continuing to increase. With massive growth in the industry comes challenges for EB-5 issuers. Competition for investors has stepped up, and compliance requirements and regulatory oversight have increased.

Leading EB-5 issuers recognize that the game is changing and having the right operational systems and processes in place is imperative for success.

“This unmatched rate of deployment proves the value that our innovative EB-5 solutions provide,” said Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice President. “As the EB-5 market continues to mature, we are seeing an acceleration in the adoption of our EB-5 Fund Administration solution.”

With NES Financial’s EB-5 Suite of Solutions, issuers can maintain a complete audit trail over the life cycle of the investment. Quick to set up and easy to use, Regional Centers, developers, banks, attorneys, and investors all benefit from the improved security, transparency, and compliance these solutions deliver.

“We became an early adopter of NES Financial’s solutions. After many years in the EB-5 industry, we recognized the value that NES Financial solutions would bring to our internal operations and project management,” said Joseph McCarthy, Principal of American Dream Fund. “We continue to use the unique capabilities of their EB-5 solutions to improve our business processes, allowing us to work more efficiently and provide better service to our investors.”

Learn why our unmatched experience and expertise continue to lead the industry and provide the best solution for your Regional Center to increase efficiency by reading the full press release.

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