NES Financial recently held a webinar based on the successful seminar series, “Success Strategies for EB-5 Regional Centers.” The webinar reviewed the latest issues facing the EB-5 industry, current trends in EB-5 offerings, and their impacts on operating a Regional Center. NES Financial also introduced new solutions for streamlining EB-5 operations and enabling Regional Centers to be more competitive.

“NES Financial and their guest speakers gave a wonderful and informative presentation! The topics were very advanced, and I learned quite a few things I did not know about before listening.”

Clem Turner of Homeier & Law, one of the industry’s leading securities attorneys, spoke in great detail about the current involvement of the SEC in EB-5, the rules and requirements of using Broker-dealers for projects, and the effects of the JOBS Act on EB-5 offerings.

The USCIS and the SEC have built a strong partnership with an emphasis on fostering EB-5 program integrity. Both agencies work together to resolve issues and raise awareness among EB-5 stakeholders regarding these issues. In his presentation, Clem discussed the increasing trend toward using Registered Broker-Dealers in EB-5, the associated registration requirements, and the process of compensation. The impact of the JOBS Act and the additional requirements to verify an investor’s accreditation was another hot topic.

Kevin Wright also spoke during the webinar, sharing his wide range of knowledge with attendees. Kevin, of Wright Johnson, is also an economist, business plan writer, and Regional Center owner. His presentation provided detail on I-829 documents, filing requirements, and operational challenges Regional Centers must meet in light of the growing EB-5 market.

Many attendees were interested in finding out about the requirements needed for I-829 submissions, such as an updated economic analysis and proper expenditure tracking. There are several documents that must be taken into consideration before the process is complete, including investors’ proof of landing, addresses, social security numbers, quarterly reports, etc. Providing the relevant information to agents in a timely and accurate manner may seem burdensome but is vital for achieving project success.

Reid Thomas, Executive Vice President of NES Financial – the leading EB-5 escrow and fund administration provider, spoke about ways Regional Centers and developers can simplify the EB-5 process and streamline business operations. Reid also overviewed existing solutions and introduced the company’s latest offering: EB-5 Immigration Workflow. This latest addition to the NES Financial EB-5 solution suite aggregates all investor immigration related information into one place for easy access and compliance reporting.

The suite of EB-5 solutions was designed to cover the entire EB-5 life cycle, start to finish. Each solution is a complement to the other, and when combined, full audit trail capabilities are provided for users. However, each solution was designed specifically for EB-5 and thus can be set up and run individually. A Regional Center can use one, two, or all three of our solutions and still increase operational efficiency and improve administration of their business processes.

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