A few weeks ago, NES Financial attended the “EB-5 Visa Program: Regional Centers, Immigration law and USCIS” conference in Orlando, Florida. The highly informative conference addressed the ins and outs of the EB-5 industry, including hot-button topics currently affecting the EB-5 community. Many of the conference’s attendees were also interested about the NES Financial EB-5 escrow administration process.

During the lunch presentation, NES Financial answered several questions regarding escrow accounts during the EB-5 capital raise process such as:

  • Why would one need an escrow in an EB-5 transaction?
  • Who can act as escrow agent?
  • Are escrow funds secure?

NES Financial discussed the escrow process in depth, including such issues as KYC/USA Patriot Act requirements, account set-up process and disbursement mechanisms. Afterwards, there were many follow-up conversations amongst attendees who wanted to learn more about the EB-5 escrow administration process.

Lead by ILW.COM’s Sam Udani, other active members in the EB-5 community spoke during the two-day conference, including Robert Gaffney, Kate Kalmykov, Michael Gibson and Ed Beshara. The variety of presentations ranged from legal concerns to liability (as it concerned marketing projects) to the importance of registered vs. non-registered brokers. Each session was followed by a Q & A session with EB-5 experts.

As a market leader, NES Financial will continue to have an active presence in the EB-5 industry. We have since attended the “2nd Annual National EB-5 Finance and Investment Forum ” and the “Unlocking Foreign Capital through the Federal EB-5 Program” conference in March of 2012.

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